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40 hrs creating a business plan

+ 30 hrs designing marketing strategies

+ 25 hrs setting up operational workflows

+ 20 hrs crafting social media content

+ 15 hrs developing sales funnels

+ 10 hrs conducting market research

+ 12 hrs writing email campaigns

+ 8 hrs optimizing Google Ads

+ 10 hrs developing influencer strategies

+ 12 hrs creating referral programs

+ 15 hrs designing customer retention strategies

+ 20 hrs mapping out customer journeys

+ 18 hrs developing user personas

+ ∞ hrs overthinking...

= 235+ hours of headaches 🌦️

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Supercharge your business operations, streamline your strategies, and focus on growth. With Bundly Business-in-a-Box, you get over 200 pages of custom content and strategies tailored to your specific needs, all organized in Notion for seamless management.

Business Content

Clearly defined goals to align your team and drive your business forward.

Marketing Strategies

Creative and effective marketing campaign concepts.

Sales Funnels

Design sales funnels that guide potential customers through the buying process.

Operational Workflows

Optimize your business processes for better efficiency.

Audience Analysis

Detailed descriptions of your ideal customers.

Social Media

Ready-to-use posts for various platforms.

Email Campaigns

Ready-to-use email templates and strategies for effective communication.

Retention Strategies

Develop strategies to keep customers engaged and loyal.

Risk Management

Strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.Clearly defined goals to align your team and drive your business forward.

Automation Strategies

Implement automation to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

MVP Development

Guidance on developing a Minimum Viable Product to test and refine your business idea.

Compliance Checklist

Ensure your business adheres to all necessary regulations and standards.


Save hours of work, streamline your operations, and focus on growth!

🎁 $750 off Pro for the first 100 customers (7 left)

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